Junk Monkey Milk Paint - Starfish
Junk Monkey Paint

Junk Monkey Milk Paint - Starfish

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Get that beautiful authentically old look with our Junk Monkey Milk Paint!

This color is vibrant red color--something like an magical colorful starfish you'd find on the sea floor!

About our milk paint: (the paint that loves to chip!*over shiny surfaces)

Junk Monkey™️ Milk Paint is 100% VOC Free Non Toxic. All natural.

This product contains milk protein, lime, clay and earth pigments.

There is a slight milky odor when it is applied, but it is completely odorless when dry. 

This paint loves to chip when it's drying over glossy, shiny surfaces (like brownie frownie furniture veneer!) Perfect if you especially love that distressed, rustic style!

Our Milk Paint WILL stick to porous surfaces. Such as raw wood or hungry, thirsty finished wood.

Mix the powder in your package with equal parts water to activate. Adjust as needed to make it more fluid to your liking.

*Arrives in a bag in powder form.

Mix up the entire bag at once. OR you may also mix it up one spoonful at a time for your smaller projects.

When mixed entirely at once, complete bag makes 1 pint of paint, or 16 OZ.

*Perishable, use immediately upon mixing & discard after use. 

When mixing, paint will naturally thicken in the first 10 minutes. Add more water if you would like to thin it. Stir well.

Use Extra Bond for better adhesion if you choose. (mix up paint first and then add a little bond into it).

Applying a light coat of Chippy Hippy or Monkey Shine to a surface and then doing light brush of the wet milk paint over it will cause your paint to act up even more with significant cracking, chipping & spontaneous looks. (*let your project dry completely before applying a sealer over this)

Seal with our Monkey Shine Wax or Banana Peel/Metallic Polyacrylic sealers.

Keep package tightly closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains hydrated lime. Do not get in eyes or have prolonged contact with skin. If so, flush thoroughly with water. Get prompt medical attention.

All sales final. Due to the nature of our product, we do not do refunds, replacements or returns. If there is ever a problem with your product, by all means reach out to us immediately upon receiving it at support@astepbackintime.com. If you need help picking colors for your project OR for any paint related questions, we're happy to assist before you place your order.